One day in Nice

June 06, 2016

My wallpaper for this month already gave it away: I'm currently in the mood for France. Very much. And if I'm lucky I may be able to visit this beautiful country at the end of summer. But for now I'm satisfied with curing (or rather nourishing) my wanderlust with the pictures from the last trip southwards - and there are maaaaany pictures. So I decided to finally go through them and bring you a bit of summer (which is hard to find at the moment amidst all this rain and thunder...). 

During the last holidays we finally made it to Nice for some hours. Actually we were staying in Menton (pictures coming soon!), but by bus Nice is just an hour or so away. And this bus ride takes you along the beautiful coast, through high serpentines with wonderful views over the sea on the one side and the mountains on the other. You pass old villages whose houses are cramped around little churches on top of cliffs, as if they are afraid to fall over the edge into the sea if they let go of each other. Or the high-rises of Monaco, similarily close-packed at the cliffs, but with much more confidence as it seems. Contrasts and analogies. And Beauty.

In Nice, we arrived at the port and went on a boat tour that took us along the shore of Nice, and which I would definitely recommend to do. If you don't get sea sick easily. I have been on boats often but this was the one moment that made me greenish, when our boat left the port. The captain told us it is also called the washing machine, this passage, because it's like a spin cycle. And indeed, it is! But it does not take long and if you went through it, you will be rewarded with beautiful views that make you feel like you were catapulted directly into one of these old Côte d'Azur Hollywood films.

We had only some hours to explore Nice and this wasn't even nearly enough to get to know and approach this vibrant beauty with its rough edges. Nice made no false pretences, I loved it!

desktop wallpaper // June

June 01, 2016

(1920 x 1280)

It's June, which means the official begin of summer, so I chose a wallpaper full of sunshine for this month. It's a view of Nice, which I only visited for some hours, way tooooo short a stay for this beautiful, vibrant city. Hah, Côte d'Azur, you Beauty!!

You can download this picture now: click or on my Flickr: click

I hope you enjoy this view as much as I - have a wonderful June! ♥

Fun in the sun

May 16, 2016

Two weeks ago I finally got myself the new lens I wanted for quite a while now, the Canon 24-70mm, that is fantastic, especially for weddings. And what better way to test it than with a patient sister and her boyfriend, parents' green garden, loads of sun, and family around as the lightning team?! Chaos and near-sunstrokes, but good memories and lots of laughter!